Recreational, Technical and Cave Diving
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

About Us

Cave Training Mexico represents the efforts of Alessandra Figari and Peter Broger o promote excellence in all the areas of diving, dedicated guides, cave divers and instructors, eager to share the splendors of the Yucatan underwater cave system.

For individuals seeking high quality diving training, they provide a rigorous, demanding and comprehensive curriculum.

They believe that with a thorough program they will ensure that divers have the abilities and knowledge to respond to the challenges of the underwater environment.  

Alessandra Figari

Hi! My name is Alessandra Figari and I am one of the owners of Cave Training Mexico. I was born in Milan, Italy in 1960. I moved to Mexico in 1999 when I decided to dedicate my life and experience to teaching diving leaving behind my manager position in a non profit organization. 

Amongst my diving trainers and mentors: Bil Philips, Paul Heinerth, John and Shelley Orlowski, Andreas W. Matthes, Steve Bogaerts, Martin Robson, Georgia Hausserman... 

I am lucky and I can speak and teach in fours languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.

I am an IANTD Tec Instructor and Tec Full Cave Instructor, TDI Tec and Cave Instructor, NASE Worldwide Cave Instructor and Trainer, PADI and RAID MK6 CCR instructor, APSA Certified Cavern and Cave Guide. I am a PADI Course Director, PADI/DSAT Technical and Trimix Trainer and EFR Trainer, MKVI Poseidon Instrutcor.

I have been diving in Mexico, United States, Jamaica, Honduras, Belize, Italy, Micronesia. I have a total of more than 7000 dives amongst recreational, cave and Tec/trimix, rebreather dives.

Amongst the deep cave dives I have been involved, I like to remember Eagle Nest in Florida where I reached 285 feet in a trimix dive with my two good friends and buddies Victor Cordoba and Shelley Orlowski.

I work and teach in Playa del Carmen, and all around the Riviera Maya and Mexico as well as abroad.
I always loved teach
ing and I tried to offer my students the best of my knowledge.

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