Recreational, Technical and Cave Diving
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Full Cave Course


The Full Cave Course -  Cave II -  provides an in depth knowledge of the cave diving environment and safe cave diving practice.  The full cave course is great level to achieve to start understanding the cave environment and to practice the skills you have learned during your previous cave courses. 

Most students take the cavern, intro to cave and full cave diver combo training in one goThis combo program (cavern and intro to cave and full cave) takes a minimum of 7 days for the IANTD certification and of 8 days for TDI or NASE in order to be completed.

This course is not to be taken lightly and your accomplishment is rewarding in itself. Once you are
certified and qualified to this level, you may dive and enjoy the underwater world of cave diving.

Pre-requisites: Students must be qualified as Introductory Cave Diver (ICD), with proof of 50 logged dives. If not qualified as ICD, they must have proof of 100 dives or sufficient experience doing technical dives to satisfy the instructor. If doing the Technical Cave program the student should also be qualified as Advanced EANx Diver or Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver or equivalent; divers should be a minimum of 18 years of age.  

Certification requirement: requested a minimum of 500 minutes of cave bottom time within 12 dives (IANTD) and of 700/750 minutes and 16 dives for TDI and NASE or for ICD a minimum of 500 minutes within 10 dives. Students earning certification will show satisfactory performance in ALL skills. 

  • Price per day is 230usd per day if 1 student attends the class and 200usd per day if 2 to 4 students are attending the class. Not included in the course price: rental of diving computer; food and drinks; entrance to the cenote (10-12usd per day). 
  • If performance requirements are not met, any other day of class has a daily extra cost. Extra day of training is 220usd per person per day.
  • Packages are available for extended diving stays.
  • Gas mixes for tec cave classes are calculated on the daily basis and are not included in the above course prices. Rental of tec gear is available both backmount and sidemount.
  • Students should have mask, fins, booties, hood, wet suit, computer and timing device or gauge, slate, cutting device. 

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