​​GuidedCave Dives are available for all divers certified from intro to cave to full cave. Penetration in the cave system will depend

upon the certification level of the divers. 

Bottom time will be based on the rule of thirds for air consumption. 
Maximum 3 divers and one cave guide.

Intro to Cave, Apprentice Cave, or Full Cave Certified.

Our caves are famous around the World for: 

  • Low flow 
  • Shallow depth
  • Highly decorated rooms and passages, with amazing visibility

The Yucatan Peninsula may be considered the widest underwater cave systems in the world with a huge diversity of cave dives: from delicate formations and and white walls to dark tunnels. From crustal clear water to halocline, and green water due to tannic acid.
Because of the layout of the Mexican cave system, (extremely complex) the mainlines are often hidden from the open water, as well as many of the passageways are hidden
away from the mainline. Having a guide will optimize your time by showing you interesting lines, and by locating the last discovered cenotes. Furthermore some of the cave systems are not unless you are guided by a local. 


  • Two cave dives or one stage dive.
  • When more than 3 people are booking in a group we will provide an additional guide.
  • We provide transportation from the dive shop and back so you will not need to rent or drive your own car.
  • Divers may choose manifolded doubles or side mount tanks, and tanks can be filled with air or 32% EANx.
  • We also provide an helper when possible to carry tanks in the least easy path and to protect the car in isolated cenotes.
  • Your gear will be storage in our equipment room in our dive shop where you may also charge your light overnight.