Cavern Diver training is the starting point and your introduction into the world of overhead environment. The Cavern Diver course is offered to all certified divers that have the interest to either just enjoy the cavern zone of the cave or those who are starting with the intention of going on to the Full Cave level.

During this course we will teach you new techniques that will allow you to safely enjoy the cavern zone. In addition to learning how to dive the cavern area, at the end of the course you will have developed ideas and techniques to apply to other diving environments.


  • Advanced Open Water certified.


  • No decompression Diving.
  • Unobstructed exit must always be visible
  • Single tank or double tanks (backmount or sidemount)

NOTES: If you are thinking of Cavern Diver training and are not Nitrox Certified we recommend the two training levels.