Have you been diving in a place where the visibility will be around 200ft/60m and you will think to be floating in the air. Isn't that amazing?

By diving the cenotes and caverns in Mexico you will see rock formations (stalactites, stalagmites, columns) old millions of years and immersed in clear water inside in the jungle. How many people can say to have been able to do this? But yes you can tell about this adventure to your friends and yes you can do it!

Cenote/cavern diving is available to open water divers with a good buoyancy control. 
You will be using normal recreational gear while your guide will be using double tanks in order to be able to provide extra air if ever needed.

Water temperature is around 75F/25C so we do suggest you wearing at least a 3mm long wetsuit to have and enjoyable time in the cenotes. 
The guide will be allowed to have maximum 4 divers in his group being him/her the 5 member of the team. Our guides are highly trained and have a wide knowledge of the caverns of this area. 

You will be provided with a briefing on the general aspects involving the cavern formations and its existence, as well as an in-depth briefing on the proper techniques for cenote and cavern diving. In the water your buoyancy, air pressure, lights and equipment will be checked. 

The cenote and cavern diving zone is an overhead environment where the natural light of the sun is always available; where the maximum penetration is 200ft/60m and the maximum depth is 70ft/21m with a starting visibility of 50ft/15m. There are no restrictions (areas of the cavern where two divers cannot swim side by side or on top of each other). All dives are within the rule of thirds.

Cenote and Cavern Diving Tour

  • Minimum of one diver toa maximum of 4 divers per guide
  • 2 cavern dives with single AL80 tanks
  • Transportation from the center to the dive site and back. If you are located in a hotel we can easily reach from the cenote/cavern area, we are allowed by the Mexican regulations to drop you off at your hotel. Pick up at hotels of customers is strictly forbidden.
  • Water and sandwiches